What is Land Condemnation?

Simply said, land condemnation is the process by which privately owned real estate is taken from its owner for a public purpose, benefit, or use. You can find out some of the differences in the video below.

What is Eminent Domain?

Legally, your land may only be taken from you for public or commercial use if the taking of the property will somehow benefit the public. The power to condemn privately owned property for public purpose, benefit, or use is known as the law of eminent domain.

If you dispute the condemnation of your property in a court of law, the court will generally defer to local and state authority's assessments of public benefit. These assessments can be lenient and broad, allowing condemnation benefiting private persons or businesses so long as there is some identifiable public benefit, even if it is a future benefit that may not ever develop or occur.

How We Can Help.

In North Carolina, there are few laws in place to protect property owners from frivolous land condemnation. The North Carolina eminent domain attorneys at HensonFuerst have experience handling cases like yours, and we'll do everything we can to protect your best interests.

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