Your Rights

It Could Happen To You

Your land can be taken away from you. No matter who you are, your property is vulnerable to seizure. Whether you are a land owner, tenant, business owner, farmer, or have another interest in land, your land may be condemned.

What Is Eminent Domain?

The power to condemn privately owned property for public purpose, benefit, or use is known as eminent domain. The entity exercising that power is called the condemnor.

Who Can Condemn My Property?

State, federal, local city/county governments, and private businesses can take your land so long as they are able to show that:

  1. the condemnation is for a public use or purpose, and
  2. they pay you “just compensation” for the land that is taken.

Just compensation means “fair and reasonable” compensation. Opinions on what is fair and reasonable often differ markedly.

What Are My Rights?

If you are facing Land Condemnation, click the links below to explore important topics related to your legal rights:

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